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Select from the most popular and influential periodicals and publications
in the nation and we'll take care of the rest for flat fee of

Publication Advertising only $500
Save 75% OFF!
reg. $1,999.00


Your Campaign Requirements

Campaign Abstract
Tell us about your advertising or public relations goals.
What is the primary goal of which you would like your ad spot to accomplish?
 Get more customers 
 Promote a product 
 Advertise a service 
 Something else? 

Your Campaign Platform Preferences

Select a few publications so that we may choose campaign placement that meets your preferences.
Select Preferred Magazines
 Game Informer 
 Better Homes and Gardens 
 Reader's Digest 
 Good Housekeeping 
 Family Circle 
 National Geographic 
 Woman's Day 
 Ladie's Home Journal 
 Sports Illustrated 
 Southern Living 
 O, The Oprah Magazine 
 Martha Stewart Living 
 Us Weekly 
 Men's Health 
 Cooking Light 
 Entertainment Weekly 
 Every Day with Rachael Ray 
 Food Network 
 Golf Digest 
 American Baby 
 Fitness Magazine 
 Rolling Stone 
 Popular Science  
 Popular Mechanics 
 Car and Driver 
 Boy's Life 
 The New Yorker 
If other, enter them here.
Enter any other publications which are of interest to you.
Select Preferred Newspapers
 The New York Times (National) 
 Daily News (NY) 
 Washington Post (DC) 
 Los Angeles Times (CA) 
 USA Today (VA, National) 
 The Washington Times (DC) 
 Greenwich News (CT) 
 Wall Street Journal (NY, National) 
 Boston Herald (MA) 
 The Boston Globe (MA) 
 Miami Herald (FL) 
 Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 
 Houston Chronicle (TX) 
 The Seattle Times (WA) 
 Detroit News (MI) 
 Baltimore Sun (MD) 
 Atlanta News (GA) 
 Denver Post (CO) 
 Charleston News (SC) 
If other, enter them here.
Enter any other publications which are of interest to you.
Campaign Budget *
Based on your budget we will recommend a campaign design and maximize ad size, duration and reach.

Your Contact Information

What is the name of your organization? *
What is your name? (Nice to meet you) *
How should we contact you?
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Publication Advertising only $500
Save 75% OFF!
reg. $1,999.00

Once you click submit and compete your order, we'll receive your specifications
and get started by developing a campaign strategy and concept.
Once complete we will contact you to discuss the specifics. Upon approval, your campaign will be published in your publication of choice.

*Plus ad fees. Ad fees include ad production and publication/station spot fee.
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