Blabor is my baby, my brainchild, my body of work. What really makes blabor work, and important to me and valuable to me is not web, print, marketing, media. Those are just the tools we use to achieve our mission at blabor.com. Our mission is deeper. It’s giving people freedom, giving people independence, fueling people’s passions.




Do what is right. That is all.


At blabor, we believe helping people is what’s right. And that’s what we do. We help people do what they love. We help people provide for their families. We help people achieve their goals. We help people fuel their passions. We help people contribute to the world in the way that they’re best at. And that’s what the world really needs, everybody doing what they’re best at.


But, let me tell you what. I wouldn’t be helping you if you asked me to fix the transmission on your car. I wouldn’t be helping you if you asked me to… I don’t know what. But, what I can help you with, what blabor can help you with is your passion, your business, your life goals, your independence, your sovereignty, your freedom. We can help you with that.

When I started blabor, my first registered business which evolved into blabor, I got a taste of freedom, I got a taste of independence, I got a taste of passion. And I’ve been doing it ever since. Not only that, I realized that not only did this venture fuel my passion, support my passion, but I was also simultaneously, and I am simultaneously, in the business of helping others do the same.


That’s what we’re good at. That is how blabor can help.




In addition, blabor operates under several specific moral obligations.


First, as previously stated,
1. Do what is right. That is all.


2. We don’t lie.

You might ask, “Well Drew, it must be pretty hard running an ad agency, a marketing agency, an ad firm without lying.” Well, yea. Doing the right thing is hard. Nobody said it wasn’t. Life is hard. What are we just going to lay down and die? Na. We’re going to do it. So blabor does not lie. We focus on the positive.


And then, like, a bunch of other stuff like,

3. The Golden Rule.
Treat others like you would want to be treated.




So, in conclusion, blabor’s mission is to help people. Alright, peace.



-Drew Paul
Owner & Founder